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The Murder of Emanuel Freud and The Disappearance of John Freud
By Paul Scagnelli, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

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Why Dr. Scagnelli Thinks Miller Is Wrong

by Dr. Paul Scagnelli on The Importance of Eric Miller’s Work

[The following text is excerpted from Dr. Paul Scagnelli’s Deadly Dr. Freud (1994), which has a commentary chapter on Eric Miller's Work, Passion for Murder: The Homicidal Deeds of Dr. Sigmund Freud, 1984. Comments by Eric Miller, interspersed in the text are in separate paragraphs, in italic".
Was Freud a Murderer?
As this book will show, there are many reasons why loyal Freudians would want to keep a lid on Renée Gicklhorn's data about criminality in the Freud family. In general, their intent is to suppress or ignore any material that could seriously harm Freud's reputation with the public and, particularly, with leading figures in the social sciences whose support is valuable to Psychoanalysis,

However, I suspect that there is a special unconscious reason why eminent psychoanalysts might wish to cover up Gicklhorn's data. Freud' supporters may harbor a gnawing concern that there are connection between criminal activities of the Freuds and the question of whether two of the most important persons in Sigmund's childhood­—his half brother Emanuel and nephew John-were secretly murdered, with Sigmund bearing a special responsibility for those deaths. 1 refer to the very strange death of 81 year-old Emanuel in 1914 when he mysteriously fell from a moving train in England, and the similarly bizarre end of Emanuel's son, John Freud who disappeared from his English home in 1919, at age 64, and was never seen again. |Click For More|

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