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Another woman, also a psychoanalyst, Marie Balmary, wrote (nearly a quarter of a century before M. Ellmann) in her book, Psychoanalyzing Psychoanalysis, that:

“By collecting statutes, Freud will also be an infidel, and in the end, after many hesitations, indeed, he will be the murderer of Moses himself.” pg. 76

 "Religion such as he will describe it in his antireligious books, is precisely his own religion: the hidden murder, the forgotten fault [i.e. the murder], then the totem, the expiatory sacrifice in which the fault is symbolically reenacted .” (p. 62)

Marie Balmary

Front Cover

Murder, Mourning and Melancholia
by Sigmund Freud,  Translated by Shaun Whiteside,
Penguin Group, LTd., 2005
Sigmund Freud's German texts


Bad timing, by Maud Ellmann

"Murder, mourning, melancholia: this alliterative trio encapsulates Freud's story of the human race, from the murder of the primal father to the penitential melancholy of modernity. . . In Freudian theory, likewise, every child has to miss the mother; the father has a prior claim on the maternal body, that first home to which no exile returns. This loss is the origin of love, with all its martial music of murder, mourning and melancholia. . .

The cycle of incest, murder and mourning, which takes place in the unconscious fantasies of every infant, literally took place in the infancy of mankind.

 But the word 'murder' must be taken in the widest sense, for every death is treated as suspicious in the unconscious. . . But Freud himself indulges in a form of magical thinking in "Totem and Taboo", when he argues that the wish to kill the father actually came true in the prehistory of the human species. 'In the beginning was the deed,'[i.e., the deed of “murder”] he concludes resoundingly. . . . Freud posits a beginning on the basis of the end, inferring the initial murder from its melancholy aftermath. [underline added]

Such  logical inversions typify Freud's thought, particularly in his speculations about murder.

 Thus, with the above, the book, Murder, Mourning and Malancholia, begins a compendium of translations of Freud's works.   

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