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"I was the apostle of Freud, who was my Christ!”            
Wilhelm Stekel, psychoanalyst
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Dr. Thomas Szasz on “Sigmund Freud as the Jewish Avenger”
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Freud’s Follies, Psychoanalysis  as a Religion, Cult and Political Movement by Kevin McDonald
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Murder Messiah



“But never, never tell the Goyim.* Never let it out.”
* Goyim is a Jewish term for the “Non-Jew”

“This man [i.e., himself, Masson] must be murdered.
I won't be surprised if the analytic mafia puts out a contract on me”

Jeffery Masson, one-time Director of Sigmund Freud Archives,
a Jewish Freud Mafia organization

“When analysts read my book The Assault on Truth, in which Emma will loom very large, they will ask for my neck, I assure you. They will say, “He was  bad enough at Yale, he was worse in those articles in the Times, and now he’s utterly impossible. This man must be murdered. I won’t be surprised if the analytic mafia puts out a contract on me.”

“I think Eissler [former head of Sigmund Freud Archives—and privy to the “secret files”] would have admitted that I was right [that Freud was a fraud and coward], I think if I had said to him, “Look, I’m never going to make this public—this is just between you and me [i.e., “Jew to Jew”]—but just take a look at this,’ he would have said, “Yes, you’re right. But never, never tell the goyim.” I swear that’s what he would have said. ‘Never let it out; it’s just between the two of us. We can know this. We’re strong enough to digest it. But for anybody else it would be the beginning of the end of psychoanalysis.’ It would have been like Dostoyevsky’s Grand Inquisitor.”

All Mason quotations above from, “Trouble in the Archives,” Janet Malcomb, The New Yorker, Dec. 5, 1983 (underlines added)

Allusion to the “Grand Inquisitor” is reference to a chapter in Dostoyevsky’s novel, Brothers Karamazov, that great Russian classic about family murder. The “Grand Inquisitor” chapter mentioned by Masson, in his remarks quoted above, features discussion of a dream, a dream of Ivan Karamazov’s involving Christ’s return to earth and being condemned to death by the officials of the Church—those in charge of the official murder machines. 

The “Dr. Masson chapter” in the saga of Freud corruption, is very interesting. He was, he tells us, personally selected by the head of the Freud Mafia, Freud’s daughter, Anna Freud, until her death. It was decided by her and her henchman, Dr. Eissler (“quoted” above by Masson), that Masson would take over the entire Freud Archives compound (at the Sigmund Freud Museum, in London). Dr. Masson appears to be as shady of a character as one could imagine—himself right out of one the stories of Edgar Allan Poe or Conon Doyle, or Sigmund Freud himself. However he turns, Masson has all the appearances of serving the cause of a bigger master than Freud himself—namely, himself and the Jewish Freud Mafia in the United States!

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