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Hitler, the Freud Family, & Nazi  & Psychoanalysis Propaganda

The Godless Jew, by Jewish writer/historian  Peter Gay Etc...




New Freud “Murder-cipher” found  and the code broken, Coming Soon – just in time for the 30th Anniversary of the publication of Passion for Murder (never before published!).

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Freud’s letter of August 26, 1898
To Dr. W. Fliess


Codes, Puzzles, Games   
S.S. Freud, as with many a serial killers before him, was obsessed with puzzles, codes, word games—all for the purpose of taunting authorities, “taking credit” for his trophies, and “lording” over others his superior intelligence. Freud, probably more than any other “code/puzzle/word game player” constantly created his own private “jokes” and “word games”—virtually all of them dealing with his mania to announce to the world that he was a serial killer—and proud of it. Confession to specific murders abound in his works, and is a special feature of his first famous book, interpretation of Dreams. As a profligate writer, Freud had more opportunity and more ways to create SFSK (Sigmund Freud Serial Killer) codes than any other serial killer thus far known to history.   

Confessions – The Murders
Freud’s confessions to his murders, and other inhuman acts of cruelty, are often more brash than most, if not all, of his predecessor, serial killer, types. Freud had the ingenious idea to plant his murder confessions in a book about his dreams, featuring fragmented details, unresolved issues, plots and cravings for murder and other horrors all mixed together in a kind of weird puzzle game—a detective puzzle, if you like.   

Evidence & the Fliess Letters

The evidence to be found for Freud’s murders and other criminals acts is contained not only in his own writings, but in his private letters which he never imagined would be made public. He was “horrified” upon learning they had been discovered. One of the things revealed by investigating Freud’s relations with Dr. Fliess and their correspondence, was that their relationship ended with Fliess sounding the alarm to friends and family that Freud was planning to murder him on a walking trip into the mountains.

Confirming Authorities

Any work dealing with such a famous person as Freud can hardly be thought to have any merit if it is a “lone wolf theory” which only the author believes in. The reader will see numerous comments by highly credible scholars and related professionals endorse and/or encourage Eric Miller’s work.  

Media Censorship Of Truth      
One of the great problems of bringing the fact of Freud murder mania to public attention is, of course, finding a reputable publisher who is willing to promote the work. A.T. Watts, one of the most famous literary agencies in the world was eager to represent Passion for Murder and then was apparently scared off. Read about it at this site.

The University Freud Cult         
Freud is a cult figure, all but literally worshipped especially in circles of Jewish university culture. An unbelievable number of professional scholars have considered and do confider Freud and his works as though an holy grail. . . . people like I. Cohen, Yerushalami, etc.


Criminal Concealment
Another difficulty is the criminal concealment of Freud’s actual works, a conspiracy, primarily of Jewish scholars and those intimately associated with Freud, his archives, etc. .

Freud’s Hatred Of Jews

Anyone who is prepared and has the knowledge to “out” Freud and his murders and corruption is almost certainly to be accused of being an anti-Semitie. Strangely enough, it is Freud who is the anti-Semite and apparently was from a very early age. Many corroborations of Freud's anti-Semitism are close to hand and will be featured at this website.


Controlling America: The “Sales” Target
The cult of Freudianism is primarily an American phenomenon. Freud’s nephew, few are aware, was a master “con” artist, at the level of Madoff, the notorious thief, in thick with SEC and others in the highest echelons of the business community.  We will review his work and show how he,  and many of his kind betrayed America and stabbed her in the back for fame and fortune. 

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