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Library of Congress Hides
“Top Secret” Freud documents
“Never To Be Released”

A Short Over-View: Freud
family’s widespread practice
of incest and Freud’s public
advocacy of it

As Serial Killer, Profile
Type identified—excerpts from Miller's new book, not yet published

Was Dr. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, a serial killer? This fascinating book by Eric Miller presents convincing evidence of that proposition. This facsimile publication is authorized by the author,...

“You don’t know then that I really am the Devil?”
(Freud in conversation with Giovanni Papini, 1924)

“I believe I am a cocoon and God knows what kind of
 beast will creep out of it.”

(Freud, letter to Dr. Fliess, June 12, 1897)

The Freud Family
Freud Family Portrait circa 1876; Freud’s
“half-brother/father" turns his back

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"Indeed, I am willing to go along (with some reluctance) with Freud having killed John [i.e., Freud's half-brother]. . . The Flieschl murder is a horror story. . . Your Freud is such a scoundrel, but it seems that's what he was.
Goodbye my old identity"

Dr. Sophie Freud, Professor Emerita (personal communication, 6/24/2012)

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Freud In The Media

Einstein Freud 100 greatest minds
Time Magazine- Einstein & Freud

Freud's Moral Character Under Attack
Freud's Moral Character Under Attack
Jeffery Masson & Eric Miller
L.A. Times

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