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SFSK was selected by Albert Einstein in 1932 for a publication between Freud and Einstein because Freud was the most sober-minded, mature, balanced, enlightened human being on the planet he knew of.

SFSK was a Founding Director of the Hebrew University of Israel along with Einstein, Weizmann (1st President of Israel)

There is an established Sigmund Freud Chair at Hebrew University (Anna Freud was a 1973 recipient)

SFSK selected One of the “Top 5 Jews of 20th Century”
(Chicago Jewish Society)

SFSK selected One of the “Top 20 Scientists, Thinkers, of the 20th Century”
(Time Magazine. 1999)

The Sigmund Freud  University (3 SFU campuses established: Paris, Berlin, Vienna in 2012)

The Sigmund Freud Archives is the Library of Congress’ largest personal archives in the world. 

and what makes him different from other serial killers?


To start with, I am aware many younger readers (hoping we have some) haven’t even heard of Sigmund Freud. They know nothing of him, what he did, why he’s considered historically “famous.” Most readers younger than the age of thirty aren’t even familiar with Freud’s iconic world-famous “images” (i.e., the white-haired, wire-rimmed glasses-wearing Jewish “mind-doctor” with an habitual cigar stuck in his mouth or hand).

Often Freud is depicted with his image, that of a patient, and an oriental-styled “analytical” couch—which Freud used in his “practice” of “psychoanalysis.” As we see, Freud always lords over his patients, they lie before him, they cannot see him, they are supine before him. Whether the patient is Einstein or the cook, the patient must surrender themselves to the good doctor’s relentless questioning about the deepest, darkest, and most forbidden recesses and secrets of their minds—their “souls,”, if you will.    


“Talk-therapy”—claimed by Freud to be a “science” of his own making—creates a special “analytical relationship” (i.e., Dr./Patient relationship) in which Freud himself (or his disciple-therapist) plays the role of the detective and the patient is the one on “trial,” so to speak. The patient is the “suspect,” the “criminal,” the “sick one.” The patient is the one whose “guilty-secret” the Freudian psychoanalyst will catch and unmask, skillfully to the patient, whose conscious acceptance of his “unconscious” guilt will set the patient free.

Freud didn’t say it, and some, if not many, Jewish “psychoanalysts” might be horrified at the thought, but in many respects, Freud “bought into” the Christian ideal of “seeking the truth” and being “set free” by it. For Christians, one is set free by belief in the Messiah, Christ. For Freudians, the Messiah is Freud. He, the Freudian, reveals the secrets of the patient’s own soul, as he skillfully leads the patient to dig up the hidden “corpses,” or “skeletons in the closet,” so to speak, of his or her own “subconscious” mind.
Freud especially wanted to know about his “patients” dreams, because he had a theory about dreams, which was fundamental to his entire theory, that disturbances in the mind create puzzles and codes and secret messages to conceal its “evil” intents—which Freud alone has discovered how to interpret and understand. Many of Freud’s basic folklore ideas about dreams had been around probably for thousands of years, some of them everybody knew. Other aspects of dreams, were, according to Freud’s decipherment, so odd, so idiosyncratic, so deep and almost impenetrable, that he himself was the first human being in human history to see into their demonic depths!
Interestingly, in John 8: 31 Jesus makes the statement about seeking the truth, believing in him, and murderous intentions against him by people of “Abraham’s seed” in the same quotation:

The Truth Shall Make You Free
31  Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;

32 and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

33 They answered him, We be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Ye shall be made free?

34  Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.

35 And the servant abideth not in the house for ever: but the Son abideth ever.

36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

37 I know that ye are Abraham's seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.

The simple truth of the matter is that so many people got “taken-in”, “suckered” by Freud’s “con” games, and promotion of the idea that he was a new messiah of learning, that he had extraordinary success, for a time! The Time Magazine illustration of Freud and Einstein on its cover oddly fails, in its feature story, to mention that by the beginning of the 21st century (days after publication of the issue) all histories of modern psychiatry hardly, if at all, carry even a one sentence footnote about Dr. Sigmund Freud! The truth is the Freud propagandists are still hiding from their own history and the enormous adverse, even evil, influence, a serial killer of Jewish Eastern European background, hailing-from-Austria, a neurologist, a pseudoscientist, con-man had upon American politics, medicine, religion, and pop culture.

(Incidentally, the Time Magazine cover photo is dated March 29, 1999 and it’s cover feature is for the conclusion of its 4 part series on the “Most Important People of the 20th Century.” The Time cover picturing Freud and Einstein is the cover for the issue which dealt with the “20 Most Important Scientists and Thinkers of the 20th Century”). One can easily see by this fact alone, the fact that Freud was so famous, that he could not possibly have been a serial killer! The suggestion would stagger the imagination of most people of my generation. We were all propagandized to believe that Sigmund Freud was one of the greatest geniuses of all time! Einstein even said so!

Indeed, those of us born and reared in the 20th Century, those millions and millions of us, we grew up with, felt, and saw all about us, the Freudian “presence”—in Freud’s iconic images in comic-strips, on TV, written about in the popular magazines, made jokes of and about on popular radio and TV shows, and by the curriculum in colleges and universities throughout America.

Freud, with a propaganda machine behind him, penetrated American pop culture and his disciple minions attempted to dominate America’s entire medical, political and educational institutions.

Freud, Murder, Bernays & Nazi Propaganda

Yet, even among those who are regarded as “scholars” in “Freud matters”, very few were ever aware, that much of Freud’s fame was actually professionally “manufactured” by the world’s first “Public Relations/Propaganda” Genius—Freud’s own double nephew, Edward Bernays (son of his sister and son of his wife’s brother, hence “double” nephew!).

Few, from any generation, or from any field of study, are aware that Edward Bernays, perhaps more than anyone, was the true genius behind the PR campaign to create the myth of Freud’s genius by creating and utilizing “public relations” techniques to effectively win public and no doubt ethnic (powerful Jewish supporters) “buyer-acceptance.” Bernays was in charge of creating the Freud image in America, and it was from America that Freud’s fame first flowed, not from Europe. For the most part, Europeans shunned Freud and his fake “science”—for they knew his “science” to be a sham and for him to be, personally, a disreputable person in many regards. We will deal with these matters further  throughout this website—in this and future offerings.

Here, we would note, however, that it is an amazingly ironical fact that Freud’s name first became known and propagandized in America because of an extraordinary situation. That situation was the crazed thrill-murder by two wealthy young Jews (Leopold and Loeb, 19 and 20 respectively) of another wealthy young Jewish boy, Bobby Franks, only 14 years old.

The murder became a sensational cause célèbre, everyone was talking about the case, from one end of the coast to the other—from New York to San Francisco. Popular reading magazines were making a mint on the sensation and were pouring out story after story on the case. The public couldn’t get enough. It was one of, if not the most famous, murder case in American history, certainly of its time. The senseless, just-for-fun murder of a young child by two genius IQ level Jewish boys from wealthy families, just didn’t make sense—the bizarre senselessness of the horrid deed mystified everyone. What could cause a mind (or two minds in this case) to act like that? The behavioral scientist psychologists, in the vogue of the time, seemed useless with their explanations of such a horrific murder. Some new understanding was needed!

The Freudians seized upon the horrid murder and used it as their banner to push forward to sell Freudianism and its new “scientific revolution” in psychology, psychoanalysis, biography, sociology—whatever they could get their hands on. The strategy was to infiltrate and take over the administrative offices of the various disciplines throughout the country. By “net-working” they were able to “work” Freudians into important positions at important universities, like Harvard, Princeton, Yale and, of course, many others.     

That man, Sigmund Freud, in any case, was the iconic, the proto-type image of, the “psychoanalyst”, early dubbed as “head-shrinkers”—those “Freudian” practitioners with their invented

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“science” of “psychoanalysis”—to whom one went to get one’s head “shrunk” or “cured.” It is interesting that the pop culture world in America in the 1960’s identified Freud’s theory and practice with one of the most bestial and depraved of human practices—head-shrinking! The fact that Freudian psychoanalysts became known, in common parlance, as “head-shrinkers” is perhaps itself almost “diagnostic” of the sociological and psychological climate of the times. Again, we are here to deal with Freud as a serial killer, so these are not “incidental” matters to our subject but will characterize the case against Freud to the core. We shall return to this early history of the Freud’s American “headshrinkers” and their corruption of American culture in another place. (Incidentally, Freud frequently vented his unmitigated hatred of America!—a fact many a Jewish “scholar” has had to hide from American consumers).
The German term Freud and his disciples used for their “practice” was not “psychoanalysis”, that is an English term, Freud’s term was Soul Analysis (“Seele-Analyse”). Moreover, Freud said he did not want his disciples (i.e., those who believed in him as the new “messiah,” practitioners of psychoanalysis) to be medical doctors because Freud insisted he must be in charge. Freud alone must “authorized” the practice of Soul-Analysis. To cure patient “souls” one did not need a license. To claim to cure someone’s physical health, ah, that generally requires State authorization and proof of competence through certified board examinations and such.

(We cannot fail to mention here that Freud was a militant atheist and did not believe in any “soul”—except when he needed one for his propaganda).

Indeed, the very term Freud chose for his first book, his “bible” was aimed to attract his hoped for “disciples” to the propagation of his religion of “Soul-Analysis” or “Psychoanalysis” (the English “translation”)—of which he was, of course, its first Prophet and Practitioner, and himself Patient of Himself. As Creator of the only “science” ever allegedly invented by a single person, as Freud claimed for himself, he, of course, must himself be “in control” of the new  “Freudian World View.” This would be so at least so long as he lived, and his pronouncements would, like other messiahs before him, be enforced by his followers for generations to come—even unto The End.

With Freud, neither Moses, Jesus, nor Mohammed, nor any other religious leader, was needed. We had Freud now, we were told, and he was a Jew, his birth was “miraculous” and he would lead us to the new Promised Land. Freud, the Murder Messiah, shall give us all redemption.

The name Freud gave his book, his “foundation Bible”—for his new religion of Soul analysis, was his book on dreams, Der Traumdeutung. As Dr. Bettleheim points out, the very term, in German, means to imply an ancient practice of divination by the “meaning” of dreams—not as the English translated title conveys with its English corruption of “interpretation” which now engraves and stamps English copies as Interpretation of Dreams.    

That Freud, all along, while working on his dream book, meant to side with, and appeal to, primitive wisdom and superstitious beliefs and interpretations of mental phenomenon, cannot be doubted. Freud’s language has been so corrupted for political purposes by his American and British translators (all themselves Freud cult members) that Bettleheim expressed horror at the distortions of Freud’s true beliefs via American corruptions! And yet it was in America that Freud first became famous, thanks, as said, to one of the most clever “public relations” or propaganda schemes in history.

One of the top 100 most important people of the 20th Century generally includes recognition of one of the first real genius of modern “public relations and propaganda”—Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays. Indeed, one of Hitler’s top Killers, who was in charge of Nazi propaganda, Goering, considered Freud’s nephew’s book a masterpiece, and studied it like a bible, it is reported. Indeed he used the Jewish propagandist’s own ideas, techniques, and practices to launch extermination of the Jewish people. Bernays used his propaganda techniques for various “brain washing” campaigns to, among other things, for example, induce women to becoming addicted to cigarettes. He succeeded greatly; women by the millions began smoking where they had not before. Many of those American women who died of cancer were also Jewish.

Words really are important and the repeated intentional misuse of them for political, cult, or personal reasons can turn a monster serial killer into A Jewish National Hero, or the Father of Psychoanalysis or The New Moses for the New World (America), what have you.

Ironically, Freudianism and its vestiges (still alive though more hidden today) continue to crowd round the Freud Idol, and continues to present itself as a new religion (though Freud was a militant atheist, as said, and himself curses the Jews for their “primitive absurd beliefs”)—a murder religion. The “story” as Freud tells it is, for many of Freud’s Jewish followers so reminiscent of the Torah and (as they claim) its methods and traditions of “reasoning” so Talmudic that with Freud they feel at home—with Freud, and their atheism, and their Jewishness. After all, Moses was a murderer—and according to Freud’s “teaching” the entire Jewish people were infected with the genetic taint that they had murdered God, their God, Moses. Moses, was the image of the Father—Freud taught. Doesn’t the Torah also teach that God cursed his Chosen Ones, so that they would wander all their lives in want and travail?

The point is—well, yes, it’s something like that. And that “something” is the thing in common that makes the bonding of Jew with other Jews, who, disaffiliated from belief in God altogether, still cling to their ancestral roots and, hence, bind themselves together regardless of “religious” or atheistic beliefs, as much as possible—even to adopting the same Jewish cult of Freudianism.     

We are all conceived, born, prosper and perish, in the Bright-Dark Eye of Murder! God is a Murder God! There is no God but the Murder God and Freud is “its” Prophet. Although Freud was a militant atheist, that did not bar him from believing that it was a “miracle” that he was born a Jew. Jews, according to Freud’s views, were racially superior to all other races. This is so, even though, quixotically, Freud frequently expressed hated for Jews—because they were Jews, as an especially close intimate associate of Freud’s, Dr. Sadger, revealed in a suppressed biography of Freud. There is plenty of evidence besides Sadger for the point that Freud was a sometimes virulent “anti-Jew.” That, notwithstanding, according to his son, Freud never admitted a non-Jewish person into their house that he could ever remember.

That Freud hated Jews we have, besides Freud’s own testimonials, as reported by himself and others, the greatly respected Rabbi Yehuda’s remarks that in Freud’s own words he could hear the sound of “the most fanatical Christian in his hatred of the Jew.” What! Freud sounding like a fanatical anti-Semitic Christian in his hatred of Israel, according to one of the most respected Rabbis of his times?

Yehuda’s comment, it needs be noted, was made after Freud had published his book Moses and Monotheism.  Freud had already been made a founder, decades before, of the University of Israel, along with Einstein and Israel’s first President, Chaim Weizmann and the philosopher, Martin Buber. There is little reason to wonder why Freudian Jewish writers habitually don’t tell the truth about their Master.

Of course, it’s expected we shall be charged with anti-Semitism up to the gills. A glance at the Quotes and Pixs Section of literary agents, editors, lawyers, reviewers, historians of science, will, however, show a number (most, actually) are Jews and Jews of especial renown. Indeed, as I long ago observed, my earliest publication on the subject of Freud being a serial killer (Passion For Murder: The Homicidal Deeds of Dr. Sigmund Freud) was initially primarily motivated by Mrs. Elisheva Velikovsky, a good friend of mine, who persistently encouraged this work until her death. Additionally, I have elected to make another, even broader and more encompassing last global presentation of my Freud-the-serial-killer work through Sophie Freud’s interest in and encouragement of my work. Her acceptance, after studying my evidence, that her grandfather, Freud, murdered his nephew John (actually, half-brother, Sophie’s Great Uncle) and others as I allege, stimulated this last website effort.

It is amazing that Freud’s star, as recently reported, has fallen so far that he has all but disappeared from the horizon of fame—save in the eyes of the Freudian Cultists, who continue on with their journals, books, and meetings. Indeed, even on the Hebrew University website, it is not even mentioned that Freud was a founder, though they mention Einstein and others.

As to the claim that Freud was one of the greatest psychiatrists of all time that, too, is wrong. Freud was not a psychiatrist; he was a neurologist, the lowest level of medical qualification in Freud’s time. Indeed, today, as said, he is not even mentioned in a footnote in the history of modern psychiatry. Medical historians are, apparently, too ashamed to even mention the Freud “hiatus”—and the influence Freud gained over American medicine for some three to four decade during the Freudian effort to “take over” American culture. Their efforts continue.

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