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by E.L. Miller
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by E.L. Miller

A t the age of 17, in the year 1873, Sigismund Freud, crossed the threshold of what society deems morally permissible-and morally impermissible... |Click to Read|

by E.L. Miller
"This is not a subject for a scientific discussion this is a matter for the police." – Dr. Weygandt (Psychiatrist, Vienna University, on Freud's reputation and theories)
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The Murder Messiah &

“Thus almost everywhere noticeable gaps, disturbing repetitions and obvious contradictions have come about -- indications which reveal things to us which it was not intended to communicate. In its implications the distortion of a text resembles a murder: the difficulty is not in perpetrating the deed, but in getting rid of its traces. We might well lend the [German] word “Enstellung” the double meaning to which it has a claim but of which today it makes no use. It should mean not only "to change the appearance of something" but also "to put something in another place, to displace." Accordingly, in many instances of textual distortion, we may nevertheless count upon finding what has been suppressed and disavowed, hidden away somewhere else, though changed and torn from its context. Only it will not always be easy to recognize it."

Freud, Moses and Monotheism.  (Freud then goes on to discuss Yahweh as just another form of the name Johann, another name for his brother, the murdered Johann. “Johann” is shown as “Vanished” on his imagined tombstone for Freud Family Genealogy records—earlier he was listed as “Disappeared”)

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The Silberstein & Fluss Correspondence:

“I have destroyed all my notes and letters accumulated for 14 years, all scientific abstracts and manuscripts of my work; only some family letters have been spared.  All my old friendships and relations presented themselves again and silently took the deadly blow. . . I cannot mature and cannot die, worrying about who will lay their hands on my old papers.  The biographers should work it out somehow, we don't want to make it too easy for them.” -- Freud letter to Martha, Letter 61, 1885, age 30

As with virtually every aspect of Freud's life, when we turn to examine the details of Freud's early correspondence we encounter contradictions, misquoted text, and conflicting chronologies.  These cannot be accidental occurrences, but are strictly regulated in conformance to a plan, a plan requiring the collaboration of "unknown hands" whose emendations and distortions betray a knowledge of Freud's nature and crimes.

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